Daily Update

10 January 2021

Dear Parents / Carers 


Vulnerable Students / Students with Critical Worker Parents


New Government Guidance

On Friday afternoon, the Department for Education issued new guidance for vulnerable and critical worker children.  

They state: "The national restrictions mean all children who can stay at home should stay at home. [...] If a child has a parent who is a critical worker, it is for the parent to decide whether they are able to keep the child at home. We encourage parents to consider the spirit of the lockdown when making their decision."

Therefore, if your child can be safely looked after at home, or your child can be safety left on their own at home, then I would strongly encourage you not to send them into school.  The fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society. 

If you are critical worker, and you do decide to send your child into school, please ensure your child has a packed lunch and something for break. It is also important for your child to bring their own earphones as they may need them for their lessons.

Moving forward, we will be asking critical workers to book a place for their child a week in advance.  I will include a booking form for the week beginning 18 January 2021 in tomorrow's update.


Testing for Vulnerable Students / Students with Critical Worker Parents

We have now received our allocation of LFD test kits. Rapid testing helps identify those asymptomatic cases that might otherwise not be detected, causing the virus to spread further. 

We will be starting initial testing of vulnerable children and children of critical workers who are using our provision sometime this week. I will contact parents with the details in the next few days.



Year 11 Construction Examination

Year 11 Construction students have an external examination tomorrow at 09:00-10:00.  This examination will take place in the U03 as it is a computer based exam.  This venue allows us to distance the students adequately and it is very well ventilated.  However, as it may be chilly, I have decided that the students do not need to wear their school uniform.  I would ask that they arrive with suitable warm clothing. 



Over this period, I intend to communicate with you daily by email.  We will also place these messages on our website, under ’News’.  Please ensure we have your correct email address and mobile number.  If you have changed your email or mobile recently, please complete this form so we can update our records. 


Contact Us

Our new Contact Form is on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item, or it can be accessed by clicking here.  This is the best way to communicate directly with us. 


Take care





Desi McKeown