Year 11 Update

5 January 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well.  I apologise that I’m sending this email so late in the day, but until now, we have had no clarity on any details.  Thank you to the numerous amount of you that contacted me this morning - please accept this email as a response.
Yesterday evening the Prime Minister announced that we will enter a new COVID19 lockdown period.  These restrictions mean that secondary schools are to move to remote learning until February half term.
The PM also announced that this year’s summer exam series are likely to be cancelled and that the Education Secretary will implement an alternative. We do not yet know the details of what this arrangement will be but there will be a consultation period before any decision is made.  Until we know what the new arrangements are, we must assume that there will be some form of assessment and that you must continue with your courses.
As you are not to attend school until after the February half term, we will cancel the mock examinations.  We will resume teaching the curriculum remotely in the same way as we did when you were self-isolating back in November.  It will take your teachers a day or so to prepare the work, therefore we will beginning your remote learning on Thursday 07 January 2021.  Each day work will be set on EPraise and I expect you to complete all the work.  We will also provide you will a timetable of live lessons by Friday.  There will be no live lessons this week.  The live revision revisions are cancelled.
However, we have just learnt that the Music and Construction external exams can go ahead this month.  Therefore, if you study BTEC Music, you must attend the examination on Thursday 07 January 2021 at 09:00.  If you study Construction, you must attend your examination on Monday 11 January 2021 at 09:00.  Both examinations are 1 hour long.  You should arrive at the Sports Hall at 08:45.
For Music students, I have attached Mrs Halliday’s Revision Guide (you have already been given a copy).  In addition, Mrs Halliday will be available on Teams tomorrow morning at 09:00 for last minute questions and advice.  Please logon to your Music class Team and click on the meeting to join Mrs Halliday.
I fully understand that you are worried and confused at the moment.  Please be reassured that your teachers will be here to help and advice you.  Once we have all the facts and details, we will form a plan and let you know what is to happen.  Until then, my best advice is for you to continue learning in all you courses.  If the decision is made that your results are based on Centre Assessed Grades , as was the case last year, your teachers will need as much evidence of your learning and your work as possible.
I will keep in regular contact with you and update you whenever I know any further information.
Take Care
Mr McKeown