Criminal Minds Day

10 July 2017

Year 5 students from Thundersley School had a insight into the minds of criminals this week, as well as experiencing learning at The Deanes. Maths, English and Science Teachers at The Deanes delivered a criminal minds day which aims to boost Year 5 students numeracy, literacy and investigative skills by becoming detectives for the day. The students participated in a mathematical crime solving activity, consisting of breaking a Babbage Code to unveil and identify the culprit, using a caesar shift wheel. In English they considered the importance on staying on the right side of the law, and how criminals attempt to disguise themselves within a group of unsuspecting civilians. Through skilful questioning the students were able to bring together relevant information to find the criminal. In science the students became forensic scientists, and used their investigative skills to discover who stole the chocolate. In order to solve the crime the students became experts in chromatography and finger print analysis to analyse fingerprints and ink form a note left at the scene.

"We have very strong links with Thudersley School, and so were delighted to welcome the students from Thundersley to our school. They showed enthusiasm for learning, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future" Mrs Stroud, Deputy Headteacher.