2 July 2021

The Deanes


Summer Term Dates  



Monday 12 April 2021 - Wednesday 21 July 2021 


Half Term:


Monday 31 May 2021 – Friday 04 June 2021


Non-Pupil Days:

Wednesday 21 July 2021


Contact Us

Our new Contact Form is on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item, or it can be accessed by clicking here. This is the best way to communicate directly with us.



South East Essex Academy Trust

I am very pleased to announce that we are joining a new Trust on 01 September 2021 -  South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT).  SEEAT are a small, local Trust, led by Westcliff High School for Girls (WHSG).  Although we currently work with WHSG, this formal partnership will allow for significantly more opportunities to collaborate for the benefit our students and staff.


Please see the attached letter for some more information.


Key Stage 3 Reports

Due to a technical issue, Key Stage 3 Reports will be emailed to parents / carers on Monday 05 July 2021.  We had originally planned to release them today but are unable to do so at present.


End of Term Arrangements

As we approach the end of this academic year, we will try to continue with our usual events, albeit within the current restrictions due to Covid.  We will be having Celebration Assemblies and we will be having our annual Sports Day.  The format of Sports Day will change to ensure the students are not gathering in large groups.  The changes will be explained to students during their PE lessons.


I have also decided that our Annual School Walk will be cancelled.  We will follow our usual timetable on this day (19 July 2021).


The last day of the term for students is Tuesday 20 July 2021.  School will finish at 13:10.  The school buses will leave at 13:20 on this day.

School Uniform

Schoolwear Centres are offering a 10% discount on all new school uniform for the Autumn Term with discount code JH10.  For more details visit -


Bake Sale

At the start of the year, one of our Year 7 students tragically passed away.  Katie became ill while at primary school.  Some of her friends from primary school have arrange a bake sale next week.  Please see below a message from Emily (7Y). 


"As planned we will be holding the bake sale for Katie on Monday 05 July 2021. We will be under the shelter in the green zone and we will be selling the cakes at lunch. We will be raising money for the brain tumour charity (charity number- 1150054) The children who interested in helping me are Ruby, Phoebe, Tabby, Rory and Emma. Lots of children have kindly offered to bake or buy cakes too. The prices of cake will depend on size and what type of cake it is."



We are continually reviewing our curriculum offer to students to ensure that they have the best possible learning experience.  Due to the increased popularity of GCSE Spanish, we have decided to increase curriculum time in this subject at Key Stage 3.  

From September, all students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will have two lessons of Spanish each week.  This will provide an even greater opportunity for students to secure their knowledge and skills in Spanish and provide a secure platform for further study at Key Stage 4.  Although this change means that French will no longer appear on your child's timetable, we intend to run a French Language Club as part of our extra-curricular offer.  Details will be sent out in September.


Year 8 Personalised Curriculum

This morning, we provided the Year 8 students with confirmation of their Creative Options for Year 9.  We have been able to arrange our timetable so that every student who completed their selection form on time, received their choices. 


Furthermore, due to the popularity of some subjects, we have decided to allow all students to do their reserve choice as well. 


Therefore, all Year 8 students will continue with 4 creative options next academic year.


Well Done, Emily

One of our Year 10 students has donated some of her hair to ‘The Little Princess Trust’.


Emily’s mum explains:

"Emily donated some of her beautiful hair to The Little Princess Trust.  She said that she would be happy to help someone that may have lost their hair because of an illness. What a wonderful thing to do. I’m so proud of her to have such a beautiful heart and kind soul to think of others."


ACTIVate Summer Clubs

Active Essex is offering a range of ActivAte clubs over the summer!  These clubs are completely free for young people who are eligible for benefits based free school meals, as well as young people from working families who benefit from this additional support. 


Please see the attached flyers for more details.


National Literacy Trust Virtual Internship

The National Literacy Trust, in partnership with Cleary Gottlieb are offering young people an amazing opportunity this summer. Participants will gain experience and develop skills that will be invaluable as they progress to the workplace.


All internships are part time and will take place virtually.


  • As part of a group of interns, students will have the opportunity to:
  • Hear from employees across Cleary Gottlieb talking about their job, career journey and their experiences of working in a large law firm.
  • Learn about writing a CV, presentation skills and preparing for interview.
  • Work on a mock legal project for the firm.



The internship week runs from 16 to 20 August 2021, 9.30am – 1.30pm.


Each morning small groups of student interns will meet online with a member of the National Literacy Trust Words for Work team, and then join a larger group workshop with Cleary Gottlieb.


Who are Cleary Gottlieb?

An international law firm headquartered in New York City. They employ over 1,200 lawyers worldwide.



Students must be:

  • between 15 and 19 years old
  • living in the UK
  • available to take part in the programme  during the week of 16-20 August, 9.30am-1.30pm.


How to apply

Interested students should visit our Cleary Gottlieb Virtual Internship page to find out more and download the application form.

All applications, and any questions, should be emailed to


Applications close on Monday 19 July 2021.


Book Recommendations

Year 7 & 8: Sawbones by Catherine Johnson





Dissection, grave-robbing, amputations with bone-saws, espionage, corpses galore, body-switching: this book has everything you might want in a forensic murder mystery, with the added bonus of learning about 18th century London as this is superb historical fiction. Ezra is 16 years old, a freed Jamaican slave and an apprentice to a London surgeon; he meets a magician’s daughter, Loveday, who believes her father was murdered and is willing to do whatever it takes to find out what happened to him. Together they embark on a series of adventures which keep the reader constantly on edge. This book has just the right amount of gruesomeness for Key Stage 3 students who enjoy a bit of blood and gore – nothing excessive or too detailed, but enough to keep you turning the pages. The diverse (and historically accurate) cast makes this thriller even more appealing. And there is a sequel called Blade and Bone set in revolutionary France!


Year 9-11: The Supreme Lie by Geraldine McCaughrean 





The country of Afalia has been hit by relentless rain leading to dangerous flooding. Gloria is a 15 year old maid to Madame Suprema, the secretive and dictatorial ruler of Afalia. When Madame Suprema runs away from the crisis, her world-weary husband Timor has to cover up her disappearance – and asks Gloria to pretend to be Madame Suprema. Much hilarity is the result, but with dark undercurrents of corruption, desperation, and most of all lies – which are supported and encouraged by the newspaper ‘The Voice’. Meanwhile in the countryside, Heinz is a dog trying to find his Boy Clem, who has been flooded out of his home and is heading south as a refugee. Heinz is desperate to avoid ‘Hound Death’ who because of the flooding is busy collecting souls of humans and animals. These two narratives eventually weave together in this imaginative book. Gloria is a worthy heroine struggling to make the right decisions in her new position of power; Heinz is everything a dog should be and more. A thought-provoking and compelling read.



Have a lovely weekend





Desi McKeown