Daily Update

12 June 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

I trust you all had a good day.

Provision for Next Week - Critical Workers and Vulnerable Groups

Following feedback from some parents/carers, I have simplified the process.

In order to book your child into our provision next week, please complete this form -https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WB15JUNE/.  This needs to be completed by Sunday 14 June 2020 at 5pm.

This provision is ONLY for  parents / carers  who are critical workers or who have children that are classed as vulnerable.

I wish to stress that parents/carers retain the authority to decide whether school is an appropriate environment for their children. Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time, and schools will not be held to account for attendance levels. 

Year 10 Face-to-Face Sessions - Starting on Monday 15 June 2020


Booking your child into these sessions:

Thank you to the parents / carers that have already signed up their children to the face-to-face sessions.  

In order for your child to attend the face-to-face sessions, please complete the two forms that where emailed to you yesterday (the students have been emailed these forms too).  The first form is to let us know which sessions your child will be attending and also your contact details in case of an emergency.

The second form is our Home / School Agreement.   This agreement outlines what our provision in school will be and our expectations of parents and children accessing our provision. It has been put in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff. 

Further details can be found here - http://www.thedeanes.academy/news/june/important-information-for-year-10/.  The Year 10 students have also received an email with the instructions.


Academic Review Sessions

Miss Gardiner has emailed all Year 10 students earlier today explaining the Academic Review Meetings she will be carrying out. Students will need to sign up for a time slot on their allocated day, as per their specific group timetable. Please find below the links for each of the groups.

IMPORTANT - Students must not come on to the school site prior to their allocated time. When they arrive at school, they should wait outside of the canteen. Miss Gardiner will let them know when they are able to come into the canteen for their meeting. In the very unlikely event that 2 or more of the students are waiting for their meetings, they must line up outside the canteen, along the railings, standing 2m apart.  

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Gardiner - dgardiner@thedeanes.essex.sch.uk 

Group 1 and Group 2 - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XkSnyw-ohwdST78EpSwH09H_4TCUE7K22FznQXuQ55c/edit?usp=sharing

Group 3 and Group 4 - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z9-OvhXCv3p45FufW8apZGyYZVqu2hYs0n3f8BxyRwk/edit?usp=sharing

Group 5 and Group 6 - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UZTV_UPn_DwkVnB8CgPrPmWbWPinq1iDaPtRE6IoIHY/edit?usp=sharing

Group 7 and Group 8 - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ls6m0r35Leg_CI49Zwzf5NQ17Rn7CtDvFvOEqIzvo14/edit?usp=sharing



Arrival on Site:

Students can be dropped off in the top carpark. Parents must not leave their vehicles. Students should make their way to the new carpark by Technology. They will have an allocated space to wait. Staff will meet them and escort them to the classroom.


Leaving the site:

Students can be picked up from the top carpark. Parents must not leave their vehicles. If students are making their own home, they must leave the school site immediately. 


Risk Assessment:

The Local Governing Body met last night to scrutinise our Risk Assessment and the procedures we have put in place,  This was following up with a physical Walk Through this afternoon.  The Chair of the CMAT Trust Board has also scrutinised our plans.  All appropriate bodies have confirmed that our planning is rigorous.  For your information I have copied the details of our Risk Assessment below.


Travelling to and from school:

The Government has published general guidance on public transport which states that from 15 June, passengers will need to wear a face covering on public transport. This includes when travelling on buses or coaches. General guidance on staying safe outside the home is available here.

Exemptions to the rule include young children (under the age of 3), disabled people and those with breathing difficulties.

In the light of this general guidance to the public, the Department of Education has updated guidance for parents and carers. Parents, children and young people are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times.

The decision to have only a quarter of students in Year 10 on site at any time is designed to limit the amount of young people travelling to and from school/college on public transport. So when planning the journey to school, if using public transport, parents are advised that their children should follow the safer travel guidance for passengers.

The guidance says that pupils and parents should do all they can to help make sure they and others can travel safely. This can be done through:


  • not leaving home if anyone in their household, has symptoms of coronavirus
  • avoiding travelling on public transport, particularly at peak times
  • maintaining a 2 metre distance from others who are not in their household
  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by using the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • avoiding touching their face
  • washing their hands thoroughly before and after travelling
  • wearing a face covering if they need to use public transport


Home ICT Equipment

 During this extended lockdown period, we have been setting Distance Learning work for our students.  I am acutely aware that not all of our students have access to a suitable device to complete the work and I am also aware that some families do not have wifi at home.

We are working on plans to purchase devices and wifi dongles that we can lend to those students who do not have suitable equipment at home, in case we enter another lockdown period next year or if we cannot fully open again in September as planned.

In order to establish the quantity of devices needed, I am asking all parents/carers of students in Years 7 - 10 to complete this very short survey.  It is important that the survey is completed today Friday 12 June 2020 - https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/Home-ICT/This link has also be sent via text to all parents/carers.

Thank you to the 300 or so parents that have already responded.


Turp’s Art Room

Thank you to all the students who entered a piece of art on the theme of ‘British’ to Turpy’s Art Room.  Mr Turp was produced a short video, showcasing the students’ work.  It can be viewed here- http://www.thedeanes.academy/assets/Uploads/VIDEO-2020-06-11-19-24-25.mp4.


Message from Essex Libraries


Presenting The Only Way is Reading podcast

Essex Libraries are excited to announce their new podcast! The Only Way is Reading is perfect for book lovers with each episode bringing you great book recommendations and interest stories with a library twist. In their first episode, you find out the top 5 authors borrowed from Essex Libraries, giving you short and snappy reviews of the books we are reading, and introducing book bingo, a new, fun way to choose your next read.

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Books to help you understand more about race and racism

If you want to understand more about race, racism and experiences of racism, this new list of books may help. All the titles are available to borrow in e-book and e-audio format with your library card. There’s a mix of fiction, non-fiction and titles for all ages including children and young adults.

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Discover LGBT+ reads for Pride Month

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Messages from Essex County Council


Stay alert and continue social distancing

Residents are being urged to continue following social distancing guidelines. This is particularly important as shops and other services start to re-open across the county from Monday.

Keep a minimum distance of two metres between yourself and another person. This greatly reduces the chance of spreading or catching COVID-19 – even if the other person is showing symptoms.

If you have not been within two metres of someone who is being investigated by the NHS Test and Trace service they will not regard you as a contact and you will not need to self-isolate.

Let’s talk social distancing with the Young Essex Assembly

Social distancing has been hard for lots of us over the past couple of months and for some children and young people it might still be something they are finding difficult.

If your child is struggling with social distancing, members of the Young Essex Assembly have shared some tips which could help. For more information about how you can support your child during the coronavirus pandemic, visit our website

Changes to our services

Our website includes information on what you should do, the latest changes to our services and how you can get help in your community.

Country Parks

 We are pleased to confirm that Essex County Council Country Parks are back to normal opening hours. All parks will be open from 8am to dusk.

The parks, car parks and toilets will be open to the public. However, the children’s play equipment, visitor centres and cafes will remain closed, in line with government guidance.


We are now preparing a phased approach to re-open libraries in line with government guidelines. From Monday 6 July 2020, sixteen libraries across Essex will re-open.

See our latest news release for more information.


How to contact us

Can I also remind you that we want to do what we can to support our students and their families during this period.  

In order to help with communication, we have set up a quick form.  By using this form, we will be able to respond to you very quickly and it will allow our reception staff to remain at home.

If you need to contact us during this difficult period, please click here.  The form is also on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item.


And Finally…

 the weather forecast for the weekend is sunny and around 22 degrees.  If you do choose to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, please stay safe and maintain social distancing.

Have a lovely weekend,


Desi McKeown