Daily Update

3 June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have had a good day.

Phase 1 - Reopening of The Deanes

As previously outlined, we continue planning a phased reopening of The Deanes.  The first phase, which started this week, is for children of critical workers and  vulnerable children ONLY.

 If your intention is for your child to return to school as part of Phase 1, please follow this two part procedure:

1)  Complete this survey https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/Deanes-Phase1/.  

2) Once we have assessed your request and verified that your child is able to attend, you will receive a text message / email asking you to detail the days you child will be in school and you will be asked to agree to and sign a Home / School Agreement.  This agreement outlines what our provision in school will be and our expectations of parents and children accessing our provision.  It has been put in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff.

I wish to stress that parents/carers retain the authority to decide whether school is an appropriate environment for their children. Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time, and schools will not be held to account for attendance levels. 


School Nursing Service

The School Nursing Service have asked us to share this recording about how the service can help during this difficult time.

Please see link for the video https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CzVjEPzHAP16rJY44ntfux2a0uUxldJT


BBC Own It App

It’s really important that children lead a happy and healthy life online, but that balance can become tricky.  Maybe their phone notifications are keeping them up at night. Or maybe they’re not sure what information is safe to share online? Or maybe the ‘banter’ is getting a little bit out of hand in the group chat?

The BBC Own It app can help, by giving children advice and guidance when they need it the most. The app has a special keyboard that can be used like any other keyboard – to type messages to friends, post on social media or search online – and the clever bit happens while they are typing.

The keyboard uses special technology to check what’s being typed and gives feedback and support, helpful tips and friendly advice. The BBC Own It app also has a diary feature where children can track how they’re feeling.

Everything that a child types using the keyboard is kept completely private, and never leave the app on their device. That means that children can use the keyboard, add notes and track their emotions without worrying about who might see.

The BBC Own It website also has significant advice and resources for parents and children.


How to contact us

Can I also remind you that we want to do what we can to support our students and their families during this period.  

In order to help with communication, we have set up a quick form.  By using this form, we will be able to respond to you very quickly and it will allow our reception staff to remain at home.

If you need to contact us during this difficult period, please click here.  The form is also on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item.


In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe.