French Trip

6 June 2017

On 6 June, Mrs McMahon, Miss Memery and Mr Morbin took 24 students from years 7-9 to Boulogne, about half an hour from Calais.  It was a very windy day, with the waves smashing into the harbour, so we were glad we took the tunnel.  We spent the morning at Nausicá, the big sea life centre on the sea front.  Special highlights were the mock-up of a ship at sea in a gale, with a moving floor, the sharks, sea lions, penguins (les requins, les lions de mer et les manchots) and the touch tank.  Not to mention the shop! In spite of the wet weather forecast, the sun came out for a walk up into the old town centre, past the bell tower, cathedral, and castle.  A special stop was made at Sephora, and we finished up, by popular request, in the Carrefour supermarket buying cheese, bread and ice creams: du fromage, du pain et des glaces.  Prizes were given for the best completed questionnaires on the way home, and some people had a well-earned snooze…

French Trip French Trip French Trip