Geography Day

21 June 2017

On the 21st June, Year 5 students from Hadleigh Junior took part in an exciting Geography Day. Students carried out a wide range of activities with Miss Corp, Ms Derome and Miss Ivan. Students investigated the micro-climate of the school using equipment such as an anemometer, thermometer and compass to help to decide the best site for a new bench at the school.  During the activity students were encouraged to take accurate measurements consider the reliability of data and draw conclusions based on their findings.  They also had the opportunity to observe changes in the weather and identify cloud type and cloud cover in oktas. Students learnt different weather symbols, compared old and new weather forecast from the TV. They also had an opportunity to became weather forecasters for a short period of time.  
Students also had a chance to reproduce famous art works with a weather theme.  They then combined these to make a montage.
Students had an amazing time at The Deanes and we are looking forward to work with them again in the near future.
Geography Day Geography Day