Key Stage 4 Construction

10 May 2017

Valuing Work Experience at The Deanes

All Year 10 students will be embarking on work experience for two weeks next term at The Deanes. This provides the students with many benefits; above all, giving the students the skills and experience that will allow them to stand out to potential employers as well as helping them choose the right sector to work in. At The Deanes we believe in nurturing our students holistically, academically and personally. By the students engaging in the world of work, they gain a real sense how their education can lead to future careers” said Lisa Stroud, Deputy Headteacher.

Some of the students were fortunate to have ‘work experience’ brought to them this week, when Andrew Taylor, from Tile Giant visited the school to work with the Key Stage 4 Construction students. Realising the importance for young people to learn the skills of bricklaying and tiling, even if this isn’t a future career, Andrew was delighted to be asked to demonstrate his skills to the class. “Some of the students showed a real talent for this skill. It was a pleasure to work with The Deanes students”, said Andrew.

Key Stage 4 Construction Key Stage 4 Construction Key Stage 4 Construction Key Stage 4 Construction