Key Stage 3 Message

11 September 2020

Good Afternoon,

I am going to email you all at the end of each week in order that you are kept up to date with anything currently happening in school with Year 8 & 9. This first week, I have chosen to put an email together for both Year groups, although in future weeks, it might be more appropriate for me to separate my emails. 
Firstly, I hope you are all keeping well and safe in these trying times. Life in school has been challenging, but I know I speak for all the Form tutors in Year 8 & 9 when I say how delighted we were to see all of our students again last week. They have been overwhelmingly well behaved and have taken to the new zones and protocols with enthusiasm and understanding. I have got used to the smell of hand sanitiser again. The staff are the ones with sore feet this week as we are doing most of the moving around! 
Mr Anderson and his team have worked hard to make sure that the students have received their food at break and lunchtimes and students have been able to enjoy the good weather this week in their allocated zones. Thank you for using the online system to order your child's food. On the whole it has worked well, with just a few student's not remembering to pick up their food from the appropriate places. 
Homework is now being set on Epraise and your child's teachers will be recording which students have handed work in using that same software, so you will be able to keep track of how much work is being completed.  I would urge you to support your child in completing their homework, as this is an important part of the catching up process this term. Programme leaders have worked hard to make sure that Schemes of Work have been adapted to include content missed during Lockdown and homework is included in this planning. I thank you in advance for your support.  
Training this afternoon for staff is on Safeguarding, so we will all be working on that this afternoon. It is being done online, which is the new normal. Staff meetings in the morning this week are being done on Teams, something we have all become used to. 
I wish you a very safe and enjoyable weekend. I hope the weather stays fine. 
Mrs Derome
Head of Year 8 & 9