Update 06-09-20

6 September 2020

The Deanes

Zone Reminder


Year 7 - Zone 3

Year 8 - Zone 2

Year 9 - Zone 4

Year 10 - Zone 1

Year 11 - Zone 5


Year 7 - Zone 3

Year 8 - Zone 4

Year 9 - Zone 1

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 5


Year 7 - Zone 3

Year 8 - Zone 4

Year 9 - Zone 5

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 1


Year 7 - Zone 3

Year 8 - Zone 4

Year 9 - Zone 5

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 1


Year 7 - Zone 2

Year 8 - Zone 4

Year 9 - Zone 3

Year 10 - Zone 1

Year 11 - Zone 5


Term Dates


Wednesday 2 September 2020 – Friday 18 December 2020 

Half Term:

Monday 26 October 2020 – Friday 30 October 2020

iMatter Weekend:

Friday 27 November & Monday 30 November


Welcome Back

It was lovely to welcome back all our students this week.  It was especially nice to meet our new Year 7s properly.

We know that everyone at The Deanes will have had a differing experiences of the last six months and are likely to feel differently about the return to school for children. Safety and safeguarding will always be our priority at the school and we hope that you share this commitment and see the benefit of it not only for your own child, but also for yourselves, your families and friends.  Thank you in advance for your part in this.


As outlined in yesterday's email, we have had to make temporary arrangements for ordering food.  The details can be found here.  A full Price list is attached to this email. Please note that the Meal Deal offer will be applied at the till; just select your preferred meal and water, when ordering.

We are continuing to use ParentPay to manage our online payment system.  Years 8 - 11 should continue to use ParentPay in the normal way.

Year 7 students will be provided with a letter next week which will contain your log in details.  In the meantime, we have activated a £10 overdraft facility for all Year 7 students.  This means they can order from the canteen and when parents receive their log in details, they can pay for the purchased items retrospectively.

All payments for food must be made online using ParentPay.  Cash cannot be accepted as students will not have access to the Finance Office.

If your child receives Free School Meals, their account will automatically be credited each day with their allowance.


As we begin lessons tomorrow, it is essential that your child arrives to school fully prepared with their own equipment.  Students must have a pen, pencil, ruler and reading book every day.  Students will also need their own headphones and they need a calculator for Maths.  Students may wish to bring in other stationery (such as coloured pencils) for their own use.

We will provide students with an exercise book for each subject.  

Advice from Public Health England


The DfE has worked with PHE and NHS Test and Trace to ensure access to a test as soon as symptoms are developed to avoid pupils and their families self-isolating unnecessarily.  This can be done by booking a test online or over the phone through 119.

It is important to identify those with coronavirus while avoiding a huge increase in demand as was seen when Scottish schools returned.

Therefore PHE and NHS Test and Trace are recommending that pupils, students and staff get tested if:

They develop one or more of the main coronavirus symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new continuous cough
  • the loss or change of their sense of smell or taste, or
  • they are recommended to get tested by a healthcare provider (eg GP or nurse)

If a pupil, student or staff member develops one or more of the main coronavirus symptoms described above, only they should be tested.  There is no need for their household to be tested unless they are also symptomatic. 

Unless a pupil, student or staff member has one of the three main coronavirus symptoms, they should only be tested if instructed otherwise by the local health authority, health protection team or their GP.

As pupils return to school they may feel unwell for example with a sore throat, stomach upset or headache.  These pupils and students don’t need to book a test but may need to stay off school or college and seek medical advice through their GP or pharmacist as usual.

Shielding Pupils

Except in areas of local lockdown restrictions shielding advice was paused on 1 August 2020 meaning the small number of pupils and students who will remain on the shielded patient list can also return to school as can those who have family members who were shielding.

Specialists in paediatric medicine have reviewed the latest guidance on the risk posed to children and young people which indicates the risk of serious illness for most is low.  In future far fewer are expected to be included on the shielded patient list and far fewer advised to shield whenever the community transmission rates are high.

Children and young people will only be removed from the shielding patient list by their GP or specialist following consultation with the child or young person and their family.  Those who received a shielding letter early on are encouraged to discuss this with their GP or specialist at their next appointment.  For those remaining on the shielding list, details will be retained and they will be contacted again should community transmission rates rise in the future.

Therefore, pupils and students should return to school if they have been shielding unless they are:

  • in a local lockdown area with specific shielding restrictions, or
  • have been advised to self-isolate because they, their family or a close contact have COVID-19 infection, or
  • they have recently been specifically advised to remain off school or college – for example with a new serious diagnosis.

Contacting US

Over the lockdown period, we provided an online Contact Form for parents and carers to use.  Due to your positive feedback, we have now replicated this form so that you can continue to contact us in this way.  The new Contact Form is on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item, or it can be accessed by clicking here.