Year 10

We have posted your mock papers to you.You should receive them around Wednesday 22 April 2020.  Please follow these instructions and complete your mocks over the next three weeks.


1.  Unpack your packs and ensure you keep the Stamped Envelop addressed to the school.  You will need to post your completed mocks back to us using this prepaid envelop.

2.  Check that you have the papers.  If you have any problems please email Miss Corp or Mr McKeown.

3.  Download this template and plan when you are going to complete your mocks.  Do not do more than 2 per day, space each the subjects allowing for at least a day between papers, and build in revision time.

4.  When you start your exams, set a timer and do not exceed the allocated time.  Equally, if you finish your paper early, spend the rest of the time improving your work and checking your answers.  Always use the full time you are allocated.

5.  When you have completed all your mocks, place them in the envelop provided and post it back to the school.  Make sure your name and your teacher's name is on all your papers.  The deadline for posting your papers is Friday 08 May 2020.






English Language
en la 2en la 1
English Literature
 en lit
Maths - Higher
 ma h3ma h2ma h1
Maths - Foundation
 ma f3ma f2ma f1
Science - Triple
 ph hch hbi h
Science - Double HIgher
 sc h psc h csc h b
Science - Double Foundation
 sc f psc f csc f b
 hi2hi1hi 3
 rs2rs1rs ins
Child Care
Hair and Beauty