Challenger Multi-Academy Trust

The Deanes are part of The Challenger Multi Academy Trust (CMAT).  Visit the CMAT website here.

The Challenger Trust (CT) was established in 1998 and has been working in some of the most socio- economically deprived areas of the UK for 14 years. Over 100 schools and 40,000 young people have bene ted from our work with the trust. We run accredited outdoor educational programmes to help young people to raise their aspirations, develop the skills required to be life-long learners and improve their educational and employment opportunities. We have participated in national debate in the eld of outdoor education, and contributed c.£1M toward activity for deprived children in 12 years. Through our existing partnerships we have links with worldwide business organisations, local authorities, academies and all types of schools who commission our courses.

The Department for Education approved the Challenger Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) as a sponsor for 2014. We are a small trust with minimal central overheads, with improvement models designed
to maximise funding direct to schools, but with sophisticated knowledge of the education sector over many years and access to a wide range of educational professionals in the primary, secondary and special schools sectors in order to support and develop the ‘Challenger’ model in our academies. 

Our mission is to create a federation of outstanding schools where every young person has the opportunity to participate in engaging and active learning experiences and achieve excellent educational outcomes in an inclusive and high performing school system. An education which prepares all children and young people to enter the university or employment of their choice and succeed in life through developing leadership, service and high aspirations due to the content of their character.

CMAT believe that learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning within the school itself. Through participation in a wide range of co-curricular activities, events and educational visits, our young people will develop the social and life skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their adult life. Furthermore, success in our Challenger Diploma builds con dence, determination and self-esteem, giving our students the skills that are needed for academic success.

All Challenger schools are aiming to achieve excellence. At CMAT we believe in the concept of ‘collaborative autonomy’ – schools working together with common aims under a common banner in which they all believe but retaining their sense of autonomy, uniqueness and individual character. We know and research con rms that sustainable school improvement comes from support and challenge from other schools and other partners.

Ensuring excellence for children comes through a mixture of support on a personal scale, great classroom teaching, a sense of success and aspiration within the school, and the ability to shape a personal programme that suits all abilities and talents. The ‘Challenger Model’ ensures schools have strong networks and a strong voice in their future. We will help you build strong capacity to improve from within and a culture that looks outward and never stops aiming to achieve excellence. Collaboration within a range of networks, and autonomy at a local level, are at the heart of what we offer so that individual schools and the family of schools grow through working closely with us and each other.