The Governing Body

Welcome to The Deanes Governing Body. Deanes 28

'Our membership includes parents, staff and professionals selected to bring their expertise and experience to the team.  Together we form the strategic leadership of the school, working in partnership with our Senior Leadership Team.  We set the vision of iMatter because we believe everyone has a part to play in making The Deanes a success and as a team, each individual matters.

Andrew Johnston, Chair of Governors

What do Governors do?

A school’s governing body is a group of volunteers whose main responsibility is to determine the aims and conduct of their school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Individual governors bring their own experience and expertise to the group

The governing body holds the school to account for the quality, standard and effectiveness of the teaching and learning. Through the governing body, the school is accountable to the local education authority, the parents of the pupils and to the wider community. In practice, the governing body works with the headteacher to determine how the school should develop to ensure continued improvement, and with the head and staff agrees plans, policies, targets and procedures that work towards that development.

The governing body is also responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils its legal obligations, for the provision of the curriculum, managing the school budget, staffing, the social care and development of the pupils, and other statutory requirements such as developing school policies, setting targets, managing performance and so on. The governing body is also responsible for evaluating the progress of the school, making sure that effective monitoring is taking place and making strategic decisions on the basis of this evaluation.

If you would like to know more about the role of governors or are interested in becoming a governor, please email Liz Anderson, Clerk to Governors on




Co-opted governors:

These are appointed by the Local Governing Body.

Deanes 29Mr Andrew Johnston, Chair of Governors
Joined September 2011,  current term expires October 2019
Chair of Curriculum committee, Vice Chair of Premises committees and member of HR & Finance committees

'I have been a governor for 13 years at infant, junior and secondary levels and currently hold a National Leader of Governance qualification which enables me to develop and assist  governance in other schools.  I am married with 5 children and run my own landscaping company.  I have also worked within Signals Intelligence in the army and as a financial advisor.  I enjoy reading history and help lead a local church.'


Deanes 30Mr John Revill, Vice Chair
Joined July 2015, current term expires  July 2019.      
Chair of Finance committee and member of Curriculum & HR committe




Mrs Gillian BaynesMrs Gill Baynes
Joined July 2011, current term expires September 2019.
Vice Chair of Curriculum committee and Governor for Safeguarding and Children in Care

'I am currently a Co-opted governor and was previously a Parent governor at The Deanes for 4 years.  I am married with 3 children, all of whom attended this school.   My business background is in pensions law and administration and I have worked in this industry for over 30 years.  I am a Professional Trustee and have a Pensions Actuarial and Administration business based in Leigh on Sea'.

Deanes040216 2Mr David Coaker
Joined December 2011, current term expires September 2019
Chair of Premises committee, Vice Chair of HR and member of Curriculum, Finance & Governor Welfare committees.  Governor for Sports Development

'I have one child currently at The Deanes and one who left in 2015.  Being a governor can be challenging but very rewarding as you help inform strategic decisions to achieve the school's targets and goals  Over the last 5 years my knowledge of school life has increased immensely!  I am responsible for monitoring the Maths and English faculties and am also a governor at Hadleigh Junior School.'

Deanes 23Mr Paul Harrod
Joined November 2015, current term expires November 2019.  
Member of Curriculum, HR and Governor Welfare committees

'I am the proud dad to 4 wonderful children, ranging from age 6 to 26.  I have been involved at every level of their education and currently have 2 children at The Deanes.   I have been a governor at Thundersley Primary School since December 2009 and Chair of Governors since July 2011.  In addition to my role as a Business Analyst for a large global company, I enjoy helping to improve things for the  children of our community.  I am also one half of 'Clips & Pieces' who help DAFFS raise money for The Deanes by running quiz nights.'


IMG 1698Mr Andrew Oxley
Joined October 2015, current term expires 2019.
Member of Curriculum & Premises committees and Governor for Pupil Premium Children

'I am married, live in Thundersley and attended Appleton School and SEEVIC before completing a Marketing degree.  I currently work within the sales and marketing department for a large UK waterproofing manufacturer and I use my professional experience along with my enthusiasm for the local community to help provide a positive contribution to the success of The Deanes.  I enjoy cycling with a local club and spending time with my family and friends.'

Deanes 24Mr Russell Pagan
Joined December 2013, current term expires September 2019
Vice Chair of Finance committee, member of Curriculum & Premises committees and Governor for Marketing




2Ms Jessica Terry
Joined July 2016, current term expires 2020
Member of Curriculum committee

I am a former Deanes pupil having graduated in 2006. I currently work in Westminster as a Parliamentary Assistant to an MP, advising and assisting with local and national issues, including education issues. I studied languages at University and was able to study in China, France and Germany, so I am particularly interested in the learning techniques used in different countries and how different teaching methods can benefit our students. I used to be a teacher, and hope to use my experience in teaching to support students at The Deanes. My hobbies include horse riding, travelling and learning Italian.  

Partnership Governors:

These are appointed by the Local Governing Body.

Deanes040216 3Mrs Lorraine Evans
Joined December 2015, current term expires 2019
Member of Finance, Curriculum and Governor Welfare committees and Governor for Complaints

'I have 2 girls at a local infant school and The Deanes is their current catchment school so I have a vested interest in the future of the school.  I am a qualified accountant and have worked both in practice and industry and I believe these experiences help with the governance of the school.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and also keeping fit by running, swimming and going to yoga classes.'

L.A. Governor:

This governor is nominated by the Local Authority and approved by the Local Governing Body.

Deanes 32Mr William Pickles
Joined January 2006, current term expires December 2017
Member of Finance, Curriculum and HR committees

'I have been a school governor for over 25 years, having been appointed as a LA governor to Castle View School on Canvey Island in 1988.  In 2000 I was also elected as a parent governor to William De Ferrers School and in 2006 became a LA governor at The Deanes.  I retired as an engineer for Ford Motor Company in 2012 providing me more time to support the youth of Essex as both a Cub Scout leader and Scout leader and though my work as a governor.  I was also an Essex FA registered Referee for 15 years.

staff Governor:

A staff governor is elected by the staff.

derome2Ms S Derome
Joined November 2016, current term expires November 2020
Member of Curriculum committee



parent governor:

A Parent governor is elected by parents/ carers of the school.

Deanes 20Mr Simon English
Joined October 2015, current term expires 2019
Chair of HR and member of Curriculum & Premises committees

'I became a Parent governor as I am driven to improving on the foundations established within the school and community for the benefit of all our children.  I am married with 4 children and have lived in Thundersley for over 10 years, having moved from Rayleigh.  I work in IT for a large financial institution and have an interest in IT applications and software.  My hobbies include photography and motorsports, especially those on 2 wheels'.



A Headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of office.

Deanes040216 6Mr D McKeown
Joined the Local Governing Body March 2015.  Attends all Local Governing Body meetings and committees.




clerk to governors:

Miss E Anderson



Governor Register of Interests September 2016

Relevant business interests that could present a conflict of interest including other school/ academy governor/ trustee roles & personal interest.

Mr A Johnston
National Leader of Governance
Chair of Governors, Hadleigh Junior School
Member, Hadleigh Junior School Trust
Trustee, Challenger Multi Academy Trust
Teacher of Construction at The Deanes
Spouse, Teacher at The Deanes

Mr J Revill
Employee, SEEVIC College
Director, SEAX Trust
Governor, Glenwood School
Governor, (non-voting) NCB Studio School

Mr D McKeown
Director, BATIC Trust
Member of ASCL
Spouse, Staff governor
Mrs L Evans
Governor, Hadleigh Infant & Nursery School
Member of ICAEW

Mr W Pickles
None Declared
 Mr P Harrod
Trustee, ROBUS Multi Academy Trust, 
Chair of Governors, Thundersley Primary School
Employee, AON Benfield

Mrs G Baynes
Director, Foyden Baynes Associates Ltd
Director, York Hadleigh Ltd
Employee, @SIPP Ltd and Alfa Trustees Ltd

Mr A Oxley
Employee, IKO Ltd.

 Mr D Coaker
Governor, Hadleigh Junior School
Mr R Pagan
Leader, The Church

Mr S English
Governor, Thundersley Primary School

Ms J Terry
Member of the Conservative Party
Ms S Derome
Spouse, Headteacher