School Day

We have 25 lessons and 5 tutorial sessions each week.

In order to help fulfil our Promise#6: All Staff will have high quality training to further develop their practice, our timetable is designed with six lessons on Monday and four lessons on Friday.  All other days have five lessons.  This allows us to dedicate every Friday afternoon to further improving the quality of teaching at The Deanes.  We have a focused programme for staff that is based on the most up to date research.  More information on our CPD for staff can be found here.

08.30 to 08.50

Tutor Time

08.50 to 09.50

Lesson 1

09.50 to 10.50

Lesson 2

10.50 to 11.10


11.10 to 12.10

Lesson 3

12.10 to 13.10

Lesson 4

School finishes at 13.10 on Fridays

13.50 to 14.50

Lesson 5

14.50 to 15.50

Lesson 6

Mondays Only


Total weekly hours provided in a typical week:  31 hours