Assembly Programme

The Deanes enriches our curriculum provision with a comprehensive and inspirational assembly programme to support our students’ personal development and raise their awareness and appreciation of key issues, faiths, events and practices.

Assemblies occur in tutor time in same age year groups to support age appropriate guidance and content. Assemblies can be extended to create time to allow guest speakers and deliver external programmes for example, Road Safety, E-safety, etc.

Our assembly programme is an important part of our Promise#1 and Promise#2 promoting the culture and ethos of our school, supporting our students and fostering fundamental British Values, raise social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness; promote personal, social, health, relationship and sex education.


Week Beginning

05 September 2022

Welcome Back

Mr McKeown

12 September 2022

International Day of Democracy

Heads of Year

19 September 2022

International Day of Peace


26 September 2022

European Day of Languages

Mrs Ashwell

03 October 2022

Celebrating Black History Month

Ms Ivan

10 October 2022

World Mental Health Day KS3Life Skills/Careers KS4

Heads of Year 

Guest Speaker

17 October 2022

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Mrs Johnston

Mr Johnston

31 October 2022

Halloween/Guy Fawkes


07 November 2022

World Science Day

Mr Law/Science

14 November 2022

Anti Bullying Week

Heads of Year

21 November 2022

Road Safety 


28 November 2022

Heads of Year Choice

Heads of Year

05 December 2022

Human Rights Day (10 December 2022)


12 December 2022



19 December 2022


Heads of Year



Assembly Theme

National Awareness/RSHE/

British Values (Individual Liberty/Mutual Respect/Rule of Law/Democracy/Tolerance)




Character Focus & Positive Shared Language




Welcome Back - Expectations for the new year.


09 January 2023

WK 16

Attainment, Ambition & Responsibility

‘Striving to do our best'

'Making progress and achieving our goals'

‘Acting for the benefit of the whole community’

Promise 2




World Religion Day (15 January 2023)


16 January 2023

WK 17

Respect, Curiosity, Responsibility

‘Showing tolerance and trust’

‘Having flexibility in our thinking’

‘Acting for the benefit of the whole of society’




Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January 2023)


 23 January 2023

WK 18

Empathy, Respect, Responsibility

‘Imagining ourselves in the position of others’

‘Celebrating diversity’

Promise 1




LGBT + History Month


30 January 2023

WK 19

Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork

‘iMatter at The Deanes’

‘promoting social justice’ 

‘I am known and respected as an individual’

Promise 1




Safer Internet Day (07 February 2022)


 06 February 2023

WK 20

Respect, Responsibility


‘We act sensibly and follow instructions that keep us safe’

 Promise 1

Guest Essex Police & Fire Safety