Enrichment Programme


Christian Union(Year 7- Year 10)

Drama Club (Year 7-Year 11)

Football (Year 7-Year 11)

Science Club (Year 7- Year 8)

Creative Club (R03) (Year 7 - Year 10)

Media (Year 7 - Year 11)

Dance Club (Dance Studio) (Year 7- Year 11)




History Film Club (Year 7 - Year 11)

Childcare Catch-up ( Year 11)

Rock Band (Year 7- Year 11)

Basketball (Sports Centre) (Year 7- Year 11)

Dodgeball (Gymnasium) (Year 7- Year 11)

Pop, Rock and Soul Choir (G02) (Year 7- Year 11)

LGBTQ+ Club Every two weeks. Date on LGBTQ+ board outside R03 (Year 7- Year 11)

Media (Year 7- Year 11)


After School 


GATE Dance Club (by audition only) (Year 7 - Year 11) 

Girls Football (Sports Centre) (Year 7 - Year 11)

Boys Football (Sports Centre) (Year 7 - Year 11)




Spanish and Hispanic culture (Year 9)

Graphics Catchup (Year 10-11)

School Musical Rehearsals (Cast and Crew)

History Film Club

The aim of the club is to encourage students to explore wider historical issues outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to watch films around time periods/topics that we do not have time to cover in our History curriculum. We also debate and have conversation around History and how the film captured real events. We also have a short discussion afterwards to talk about the themes, what we learnt about the time period and generally what we thought of the film.


Year 11 Child care Catch-up

Year 11 coursework catch up for child care

Creative Club

Creative Club is an Art based club in R03, we complete weekly tasks which we use different mediums of equipment. Usually creating pieces to fit a theme or current event.


Pupils who are members of the LGBTQ+ community and allys come meet in a safe space in the school in R03, every 2 weeks. We discuss current issues members may have faced in school and look at resources from outside school for support and making a difference in the school environment.

Spanish and hispanic culture

A club where students can watch Spanish films, discuss different aspects of Spanish and Hispanic culture, practice games and generally improve their knowledge of Spanish.

Graphics Catchup

This is a club aimed at Year 10 & 11 Graphics students who wish to complete either their homework or just put in some extra time on their portfolios. 

Christian Union

Open to everyone, we will start by watching "The Chosen" series with other films throughout the year. There will also be the opportunity to take place in special assemblies and events throughout the year.


Pupils will be using a variety of Media software including Blender for Animation, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop.

Drama Club

Monday Lunchtime in R01 all years welcome.

Dance Club

Dance Club Tuesday Lunchtime in the Dance Studio - all years welcome

GATE Dance Club

Gifted and Talented Dance Club Training

Rock Band

Rock Band Wednesday Lunchtime in G02 - all years welcome

Pop, Rock and Soul Choir

Choir rehearsal for all years in G02 Thursday lunchtime

School Musical Rehearsals

Everyone is welcome to be part of the the school musical - it will be announced on Thursday 13th October and will then rehearse every Thursday after school until 4.15pm


Football club for all years in the Sports Hall

Girls Football

Girls Football Club, every Tuesday after school in the Sports Centre until 4pm


Basketball in the Sports Hall every Wednesday lunchtime

Boys Football

Boys Football Club after school every Tuesday in the Sports Centre until 4pm


Dodgeball every Wednesday lunchtime in the gymnasium

Science Club

KS3 science club completing some practical based activities that are linked to the CREST Awards and STEM
Monday lunchtime in R07