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Leaders are successful in caring for the well-being of staff. Leaders make sure staff maintain a work-life balance. Staff say that they appreciate, for example, leaders’ insistence on no emails being sent after 6.00pm. One response to the survey for staff captured the essence of others’ views, describing ‘considerate leadership’. Staff enjoy working at this school.” (Ofsted, 2019)

At The Deanes we offer a wide range of professional development opportunities including:

  • Tailor-made CPD at individual and group level to support all staff

  • High quality external speakers and training providers to encourage innovative practice

  • Opportunities for teachers to observe other colleagues, sharing best practice across the Trust

  • Formative, actionable feedback that helps teachers to focus their learning and track their professional growth.

Our staff have access to an ever-expanding CPD library and high quality resources including The National College and subject associations. As part of our commitment to Continued Professional Development, students finish at 13:10 each Friday to accommodate our dedicated Friday afternoon, in-house training programme.