Science Week at The Deanes

13 March 2017

In celebration of Science Week The Deanes held a variety of spectacular science experiments during lunchtimes, to enable the students to participate in experiments beyond the normal curriculum.

The activities were so popular large numbers of students were found queuing at the science department doors, not wanting to miss out on the action.

Experiments included screaming jelly babies, spectacular experiments with chemicals shooting out of boiling tubes, with flashes of different colours. The Rubens tube was used to create an amazing light and fire show created by changing the amplitude and frequency of sound waves.

The students were astounded by their teacher’s ability to change a clear liquid into a white stalagmite, and produce toothpaste suitable for an elephant.

The grand finale consisted of producing using the flammable properties of methane to set bubbles on fire. It really was explosive!

“At The Deanes we feel it is so important to nurture the students curiosity for the world of science.  These events have been an enormous success in enabling our students to learn scientific concepts but also enthuse their love for science into their future lives”, Mr Mckeown, Headteacher of The Deanes.