World Book Day

2 March 2017

This year for World Book Day, The Deanes chose to honour one of the most famous and beloved of English writers: Roald Dahl. Dahl has been a part of all of our childhoods, creating iconic characters such as Matilda, the BFG, and the Twits. However, Dahl was not just a children’s writer. He also wrote many collections of short stories aimed at an adult audience. The themes of these stories range from horror, to love, to post-traumatic stress disorder in returning soldiers.

 Perhaps the most striking thing to note about Roald Dahl was that his teachers at school said he was not particularly good at English. Once he found his desire to write, Dahl worked hard and persevered until he finally achieved what he had set out to do, providing an inspiring example for all of us.

Students at The Deanes celebrated the life of this remarkable man through a series of assemblies, and lessons inspired by the life and writings of Roald Dahl. In English they learned to create their own revolting rhymes, while the mathematicians took on the arithmetic faced by child genius Matilda. In History they focused more on the life and times of the man himself, researching his time in the RAF.

 All in all, a fitting celebration for a giant of English literature. 

World Book Day