To Access the Deanes Library System and reserve up to two books of your choice, click here.


Chosen books will be delivered each week to your classroom, during tutor time.

Monday        Year 11

Tuesday       Year 7

Wednesday  Year 8

Thursday      Year 9

Friday           Year 10

There will also be the opportunity, at this time, to renew any book for a further two weeks or return books for a new request.

Additional visits will be made to the English Dept., during the A.R reading lessons, with a selection of A.R. books and our Barrington Stoke range (these books use a specially designed font and coloured paper and are dyslexia friendly).


Getting started

On your school computer or laptop please click on the M.L.S. icon

The home page for the Deanes Library will appear.

In the USERNAME BOX please type your  4 digit BARCODE (this will be given in tutor time)

In the PASSWORD BOX please type again your 4 digit BARCODE.

The school’s library system will appear.


Along the top bar there will be HOME, SEARCH, MY STUFF, MY REVIEW, MY RESERVATIONS. 

Click on SEARCH, then pick ALL RESOURCES and the schools books will appear.

Above the top bar is a search bar.  If you already know what Author, the title of a book or the genre i.e. ‘Thriller’, you can put that in, CLICK THE BINOCULARS next to the search bar and this will narrow your search. 

Below the books, as you click on them, is a brief description about the story.

S (which denotes a simple story)

S+ (for a more in depth story) or

Y.A. Young Adult


There is in place, for Year 7s, a blanket restriction on borrowing any book marked Y.A. or Young Adult (the restriction is due to contents that may not be suitable i.e. violence, sexual reference or swearing).

Once you have chosen a book that you wish to read, click on the book and a green arrow will appear. Click this again and Reservations.  This will send a message to the librarian. Choose two books; if one book is not available it will give you a second option. 

For the Accelerated Reader (quiz books) a variety of levels will be brought to the classroom when the A.R. lessons are underway.


For reference the levels are;

Green level is                            0.0 - 1.9

Orange level is                           2.0 – 2.9

Blue level is                                3.0 -3.9

Yellow level is                          4.0 -4.9

Red level is                                5.0 -5.9

Purple is the highest at              6.0 and above


If you have not been assessed or are unsure which level you are, please check with your English Teacher.

In the meantime, choose a mid-range, Yellow level book and if this seems too easy to read, or too hard for you, please check with your English Teacher to see if you should try another level.