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Key Stage 3 Assessment

In Key Stage 3, we have introduced a new assessment system to replace National Curriculum Levels. The new system records how much progress students have made since primary school and is based on their prior attainment in the Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tests for Maths and English (SATS). We have used this starting point as it is the same one that will be used by the government for the new GCSE progress measure across all students, called Progress 8.

At The Deanes, we have placed students into three ability bands based on their prior attainment in the Key Stage 2 SATS, with Band A being highest.  Where there is no Key Stage 2 data available we have used baseline assessments to place students into the appropriate ability band.    Student will have the same ability band for all subjects, because again this is how student progress will be judged nationally at Key Stage 4.

In each subject area, students will be judged to be either below expected progress, making expected progress or above expected progress, based on set criteria for their ability band.  The criteria for each subject and ability band is detailed in the Subject Progress Grids, which contain information on the skills and knowledge that the students should acquire by set points in the academic year in order to make expected progress.  Our teachers will use this information, along with their knowledge of each student, to make a judgement on the student’s position within the relevant ability band.

Subject Progress Grids for each subject can be viewed using the links below.


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