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The Deanes

iMatter at The Deanes


Welcome to The Deanes

Welcome to The Deanes, a small secondary school in Thundersley, Essex.

Our school ethos of 'iMatter,' is reflected in our 6 Promises, which underpin our vision for each and every one of our students.

We believe in creating a happy, respectful and inclusive environment where every individual is known and valued. Our high-quality teaching and learning is designed to challenge, engage and inspire students of all abilities.

At The Deanes, we understand that success is not only measured by exam results. That is why we focus on the personal development of our students and offer a wide range of opportunities to help them develop the values and attributes they need to thrive in the future.

We maintain the highest standards of behaviour and have high expectations for all of our students.

We believe that parents and carers are key partners in their child's education, and we work closely with them to ensure that our students receive the very best support and guidance.

We would love for you to come and see for yourself why The Deanes is the perfect choice for your child. We welcome prospective students and their families to visit us and experience firsthand our vibrant school community.


Desi McKeown (Executive Headteacher)

Kelly Corp (Head of School)

Discover More Our 6 Promises


Our curriculum planning provides content that covers multiple perspectives integrating themes of equality, diversity and cultural relativity into our subject and wider delivery. We enable learning experiences in which students are able to reflect on their own identities, biases, and backgrounds and how these impact on their learning and life experiences. When planning our curricula and teaching experiences we evaluate our delivery to be mindful of unconscious bias in content, delivery or assessment practices reflecting upon how this may influence learning and teaching.


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