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Year 11 Revision

Dear Year 11, 

This website has been created specifically for students in Year 11 to provide guidance and assist you in planning your revision in preparation for the summer 2023 exams. We have included a proposed revision schedule for some courses as examples of what you need to do for each of your subjects, in addition to your personalised choices. You can adapt these proposed schedules as necessary. Each week your tutor will be spending time helping you complete your weekly schedule and checking your progress. Below is some advice to remind you what you should be doing when revising.


  • Make a revision timetable. Include your school timetable, your exams and key events you do not want to miss.
  • Each revision session should be about 45 minutes long. After this, your concentration lapses and you should take a short break of about 10 - 15 minutes.


  • Identify any distractions that you need to remove to help you to focus better.
  • Choose a subject you need to prioritise improving in. Which topics and techniques have you had difficulty with?


  • Find examples from your past work of revision techniques you have already tried: flashcards, summary sheets, diagrams, mind maps, practice questions. Leave them out to refer back to over the coming weeks.
  • Use revision guides.


  • Redo a question you got wrong in a recent revision assessment. See if you have learnt from the mistakes you made and improved on it. This is at the heart of effective revision: revisit and improve.
  • Teach somebody else the parts you are finding the hardest.


  • Find some good work that you've done and stick it up in front of you. Be proud of it and let it remind you about what you can achieve.
  • Note down things you still don’t understand so you can ask your teachers to talk you through them. Never be embarrassed to ask.


  • Find somewhere quiet to revise – your bedroom or maybe your Gran’s house and tell people you don’t want any interruptions.
  • Create a distraction free zone, no phone calls, emails or scrolling through social media.
  • Stay in good health. Do regular exercise, eat a balanced diet, drink water and get enough sleep – all these are good for your brain.

All lessons and interventions will continue as normal in the run up to the GCSE exams. We expect you to attend all sessions, fully focused on preparing for exam success. You have a choice about your future, nothing worth having comes without first working hard and remaining disciplined. This is your time to unlock the door to your future. There is still time for significant revision and you have a team of friends, family, mentors and teachers, all dedicated to supporting you; work with us to ensure you do your very best in the Summer exams and achieve results of which you will be proud.

I wish you every success in your examinations.

Miss A Clancy

Assistant Headteacher / Head of Year 11

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