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The Deanes

Ofsted & School Performance

School Performance Measures - 2022

You can view our Performance Measures here.

Performance Measure
Progress 8 -0.74
Attainment 8 36.5
5+ in English and Maths 24%
EBacc APS 2.97
Percentage Entering EBacc 15%
Percentage of students staying in education or going into employment after finishing Key Stage 4 91%

Ofsted - 2019

We were last inspected by Ofsted in September 2019.

View our OFSTED Report

Following the inspection, our Headteacher, Mr McKeown, shared the following:

Ofsted recognised the significant improvements since our last inspection and we are very pleased to have been rated as Good for Behaviour and Attitude and Good for Personal Development.  As always, we are aware that we are continuing on our journey of improvement and I would like to thank the Ofsted team for their advice and guidance.  The experience was very positive for us as all three inspectors took the time to listen and assess the evidence we presented.  Their judgments were fair and it was a meaningful process.

From September, Ofsted have changed the way they inspect.  One of those changes is the actual published report.  Previously, the report would be around six or seven pages, and would have a lot of detail about the school.  The new format of reports is much more general and is only around two pages.  This means that a significant amount of the findings and discussions are not included in the final report. 

In order to give you a fuller picture of the inspection findings, I am sharing with you some of the discussions and comments that the Inspection Team made during their visit.  Any of you that know me and my Senior Team, will already know that we will not change what we do purely because of Ofsted.  We will only ever do things that we believe will benefit the students and staff of the school.  Therefore, I have reframed what I want to share with you around our Promises, as these are what we strive to implement on a daily basis and they are the reason you, as parents, chose The Deanes for your child.


Ofsted felt that our Safeguarding procedures were effective and were a strength of the school.  The students told the inspectors that they felt safe in all areas of the school and that bullying was rare and when it did occur, it was dealt with effectively.  Students said they had staff to talk to, that staff knew them by name and knew them as individuals.  Students who have joined us from other schools spoke highly about their experiences at The Deanes in comparison to their previous school.


During the final summing up, it was stated that the inspectors observed no poor behaviour at all, in lessons or around the school. Everyone the inspectors spoke to agreed that behaviour had dramatically improved. This was attributed to our real understanding of our students and their individual needs.

They also commented that leaders have a strong moral core which ensures pupils do well, referencing the removal of the isolation room and the consistency in which all staff deal with behavioural issues in a dignified way.


The inspection team visited many lessons during the two days.  They commented on teachers’ strong subject knowledge and the warmth in the relationships between staff and students.  The inspectors acknowledged that we have plans in place to address historic issues.  We will never be complacent as a school and we will always be honest about our areas for improvement.  Nothing they identified came as a surprise to us and we had already started to rectify these issues, although it was too soon for the inspectors to see the impact of our actions.

Promise #4

This was seen as a major strength of the school.  They were very impressed by our Challenger lessons, our range of trips, our Deanes Diploma, our careers programme, and how our PCE and Citizenship work promotes equality.  Students spoke about how difference is accepted at The Deanes.

The inspectors felt that Promise#4 is at the forefront of our curriculum thinking and that our work on Character Education is tangible, concrete and well monitored.


The response to the Parent survey was phenomenal.  We had a very high response rate.  Moreover, the responses were exceptionally positive with over 90% of parents agreeing or strong agreeing with each statement. 

I would like to thank you for your support, and I am very humbled that you appreciate the work we do at The Deanes.


The staff survey was overwhelmingly positive too.  Staff felt that their wellbeing was considered, and they were keen to discuss our iMatter ethos.  Our Friday afternoon training programme was complemented and staff expressed their feelings of being valued.  This is why we have a high staff retention rate which provides stability for our students.

Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's academy.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

By sharing your views, you'll be helping us to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about us.

Parent View

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