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Choosing Your Subject

In Key Stage 4 students need to devote more time to the subjects that they are studying for external examinations. Therefore, as is usual in secondary schools, students can opt for certain subjects, and drop others.

Although students have a choice, it is limited to about 40% of their timetabled lessons. When considering which subjects to choose, it is suggested that the following points should be borne in mind:

Career intentions are usually vague at this stage, and are quite likely to change over the next two years. It is probably better to choose subjects that will be studied with a genuine interest rather than with a specific career in mind. However certain career aspirations require specific options to be taken. Please utilise our Careers guidance support in school.

The choices being made by their friends should not influence your son’s or daughter’s choice; there is no guarantee that friends will be in the same groups, and friendships can be maintained even when different subjects are being studied.

Students who wish to be awarded the English Baccalaureate qualification will need to choose at least one language and History and/or Geography.

The group of Baccalaureate subjects is very academically challenging; therefore it is important that the right choices are made. Equally, Sixth Form Centres and Universities may insist upon the Baccalaureate in the future, so it is important that we give our students every opportunity to meet these requirements. 


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