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South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

The Deanes

Year 9 Options Information

At The Deanes, we provide a curriculum that is personalised to our students’ abilities, aspirations and needs. The Key Stage 4 curriculum comprises of:

  • Breadth, balance and challenge.
  • Development of the skills needed to be successful in a rapidly changing 21st century world.
  • Flexibility and choice that will motivate, challenge and prepare students for employment and lifelong learning.
  • Coherence and Progression. Students can choose an appropriate and coherent learning pathway which enables them to progress easily to post-16 courses.
  • Collaboration and Partnership. The curriculum encourages local collaboration and partnerships.
  • Opportunities for vocational and work-related learning through core and option courses.

This website describes the courses available for study, the main topics, teaching and learning strategies and advice on career opportunities and pathways to post-16 study. There is also information about the assessment of courses.

It is very important that you and your son/daughter have all the information you need before making decisions about which courses to follow. These webpages will provide the necessary advice and guidance.

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